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Tiny Death Star : Star Wars

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All About the Tiny Death Star Game

This is a building game which puts you to work building a Tiny Death Star one floor at a time. The title (which does have the Lucas Arts stamp of official approval) has been made as a collaborative effort by Disney Mobile and Nimblebit.

This will especially appeal to fans of Star Wars who want to take pleasure in an 8-bit epic game based on the legendary sci-fi films.

This is essentially a business simulator game that’s a spin-off of Tiny Tower.  Its also the perfect game for mobile and hand-held devices.

Game Play

Tiny Death Star is free to download from Google Play and is also available from iTunes.

Tiny Death Star starts off with Vader and Emperor Palpatine organizing the growth of the Death Star. Within the game you will find a variety of people that make up the characters called “Bitizens” and “VIP’s”.

The action starts very simple, but as you create additional levels and obtain extra Bitizens, things becomes increasingly harder to manage.

This addictive game will offer endless hours of entertainment, all while offering the occasional humour too.

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A Little More About The Game

To build levels in Tiny Death Star you need to spend credits , which you earn by making money through your various business interests.

As you build out your Death Star, Wookies, and Ewoks and other authentic Star Wars aliens flock to the planet-sized weapon. Your job is to get these new inhabitants slotted into the right jobs at the right stores, which range from ice cream shops to more outlandish stores.

Your first task is to build apartments for the galactic “bitizens”, who are the tiny character who live and work in your tower.

You will also be visited by the occasional Star Wars hero – Luke Skywalker or Princess Leia, but remember that you are on the rebel team and any alliance members are probably just gathering intelligence for a Rebel attack.

Creating New Levels

To create a level, players must pay with coins.  The next step is to simply wait - although players can speed up the task by spending more “Bux”.

As the levels go higher, the costs and waiting times also increase.

Also, levels increase in price every time you build a new one, there’s also a waiting period as the level is being built (unless you spend Bux on hurrying the process up).

Over time, the Emperor’s real plans grow to be apparent, while you not just construct new levels  upwards,  but add Imperial floors below the shops as well. These include interrogation rooms and tractor beams, and give you new challenges that add a little variety to the proceedings upstairs.

Building Your Death Star

When you have a good amount of floor space available in your Death Star residency, build a healthy amount of apartments on those floors (three or four apartments should suffice), you’ll have more rooms to offer to workers and more of those high-level visitors once they arrive. You have a better shot at keeping better workers if you implement more living quarters.

In addition, within the Imperial levels, fans will need to build unique items to assist the Empire in their struggle up against the Rebel Alliance. Gamers must also be more cautious to discover and catch Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia and other Rebel agents just before they are able to get away. The overall game is a fairly good sign of future Star Wars video games in the Disney era.

I hope this has been a worthy introduction to the game, now go check out the other pages and enjoy!